Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards
The Atlanta Pubic Schools' Pre-Kindergarten program offers a rich curriculum, presented to students in a developmentally appropriate manner.   The Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS), address the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of students. Students engage in hands-on, authentic experiences designed to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. For a more a detailed view of GELDS, please access the links below. 

Georgia Early Learning Developmental Standards
The Pre-Kindergarten program addresses all GELDS, but places a heavy emphasis on the social and emotional development, letter and sound recognition, phonological awareness, language development, retelling story events and details, numbers quantities, and problem solving. 
The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is taught through multiple topics and instructional units.  Please see below for a list of suggested units of study.

 Pre-Kindergarten Units of Study

Welcome New Friends
My Family
Our Community
Earth & Sky
From Jungle to Desert
Life on a Farm
Shadows & Reflections
Make It Move

All APS Pre-Kindergarten classes use Opening the World of Learning TM(OWL) by Pearson as the main curriculum resource.  OWL is a comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten program used to create an effective and developmentally appropriate classroom. An OWL classroom is a lively classroom, one that is full of books, songs, stories, and conversations. An OWL classroom is one in which children experiment and explore. Children engage in purposeful and playful learning experiences and develop academically, socially and emotionally. Instruction in OWL is systematic and addresses all domains of learning listed below. OWL also focuses on key learning goals within each domain and is designed to ensure that all Pre-K children have the opportunity to work towards attaining these goals.
Learning Domains:

*Social Emotional Development
*Language and Communication
*Emergent Literacy: Reading
*Emergent Literacy: Writing
*Social Studies
*Fine Arts
*Physical Development